How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces?

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If you’ve decided to try teeth straightening, you may wonder how long do braces last? And the answer is: every patient has a different average time for braces. Which means that the treatment choice you make—and the initial condition of your teeth—will answer the question, how long do you have to wear braces?

What Impacts Average Time for Braces

On average, teeth straightening takes between 18 months and two full years. If you are getting an orthodontic treatment for second or third time due to relapse, treatment duration might be shorter than 18 months. If you have impacted teeth or jaw discrepancies, treatment duration might be longer than two years. How long your braces journey lasts will depend on several things. 

The first thing to consider is the type of orthodontic problem you’re facing. If you have severe underbite, overbite or crossbites, you’ll wear braces longer. If you’re lucky to have an aligned jaw, the treatment time will be faster. And the age when you first start wearing braces may also impact your average time in braces. 

Then, you have to decide what kind of orthodontic treatment you want to do. For starters, if you choose mail order aligners you might end up getting braces one more time and increase the overall treatment duration or even compromise your teeth’s and bone’s health. Teeth straightening with Invisalign is based on patients’ compliance wearing the aligners 22 hours every day. If the wear time is not sufficient, Invisalign treatment will take longer than with metal braces. If you are not careful what you eat, ceramic braces might chip off and treatment with those might also take longer than metal braces. Keep in mind, these options all work, and will give you great teeth straightening results. But some take longer to do that than others. A fact your orthodontist will review during your braces consultation. 

How Long will YOU Have to Wear Braces?

When you first see your orthodontist, your exam will focus on your facial features, profile, and your teeth. You’ll learn about any jaw misalignment issues that you’ll have to correct. And you’ll see what else has to happen while straightening your teeth like wearing elastics. You will need x-rays and/or digital scans to determine the full extent of your orthodontic needs.

After that exam, your orthodontist will let you know all your braces options. At that time, he or she will give you estimates of the average treatment time for each choice. Now, keep in mind, most people will need to wear braces for at least 18 months if they are getting them for the very first time in their life. That’s about how long it takes to correct the root and bite causes of your orthodontic issues. For that reason, be cautious of anyone who promises a braces treatment that lasts just a few months. Because the results you’d get from that fast treatment might not last and might not address all present problems. Always seek the opinion of an orthodontic specialist.

Can You Speed up Average Time for Braces?

Part of answering, how long do braces last, involves your actions. Following your orthodontist’s instructions can make your treatment faster. This is especially true if you’re wearing rubber bands or headgear or facemask with your braces. Remember, keeping them on for most of the day can speed up your results. 

It’s also important to carefully watch your diet when you have braces. Eating hard or sticky foods could detach your brackets off the teeth. And that could make your time in braces last longer. 

Some people believe that how long braces last has to do with your age. And studies do suggest that the average time for braces is much shorter in children. That makes some sense, since their teeth have been stuck in place for less time. So they may be less resistant to movement

Still, many adults respond quickly to teeth straightening treatment. While some kids have complex problems that keep them in braces for a longer time. Ultimately, your time in braces will have more to do with your teeth and mouth, and less to do with your age. But there is one device that can reduce how long you have to spend in braces. And it’s called AcceleDent

Using AcceleDent to Reduce Braces Treatment Time

If you need to speed up teeth straightening, ask your orthodontist about AcceleDent. This is a medical device you use at the same time as other orthodontic treatments. It delivers small vibrations, or micro-pulses, to your mouth to make your teeth move faster. Some results suggest it can shorten your time in braces by half. But every patient is different, so results will vary. 

If you choose to add AcceleDent to your teeth straightening program, you can use this device at home. But you must use it every day, for 20 minutes, to get results. To make it easier, you don’t even have to use a timer—the device shuts itself off when treatment time is complete. 

This device is considered safe—the FDA cleared it for use in the U.S. back in 2011. But it’s important to remember that this is a prescription-only treatment additive. So only your orthodontist can decide if you’re a good candidate for AcceleDent. 

Orthodontic Treatment in Chicago, IL

I hope today’s post helped you understand some factors that affect how long your time in braces will last. But I’m also here to answer any questions you might still have. So please, reach out to your Chicago orthodontist. We can get you scheduled for a consultation to see how long you’ll have to wear your braces. 

How long did your orthodontic treatment time with Invisalign or braces take? Comment Below!


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