Ibiza Bachelorette Party | Our Second Destination in Europe

Ibiza Bachelorette Party

After having a wonderful time at the French Riviera, my six girlfriends and I headed to Ibiza, the Mediterranean paradise of the shores of Spain, for an exquisite Ibiza bachelorette party. It was the month of May and we set foot in the Balearic Islands to make this all-girls trip the memorable one ever.

We stayed at an Airbnb near the famous Pacha club in Ibiza, close to the eloquent historical town. Then moved on to get indulged in good food at the famous restaurants in Ibiza, namely Cappuccino Marina and Sa Cova, where we were served with the aromatic delicacies.

My girls and I had an amazing schedule for this Ibiza Bachelorette Party. The elegance of all the places we visited is beyond any explanation. We loved the vibes of Pacha, Privilege, Ushuaia, and the Blue Marlin Ibiza. It was refreshing to go to a pool party at the Ocean Beach Ibiza and a boat party at Cirque de la Nuit. The famous show at Calma was one best thing I have heard you need to see but it does require reservations months in advance which we didn’t have. Also, we didn’t have the chance to visit the Nikki beach, but it is definitely one of my go-to-places for the next Ibiza trip.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Things to Do in Ibiza

Visit the Ibiza Beautiful Beaches

From sunbathing to soaking in the crystal clear water, relax and get some tan! It is the magnificent Ibiza beaches that are considered to be the greatest attractions. There are over forty beautiful beaches in Ibiza and each beach has its own unique characteristic. Their graceful beauty appeals to every tourist. Visitors from different parts of the world rush to the beaches in Ibiza just to get an amazing tan on their body.

The Benirras beach is among the most popular beaches on the island and its distinguished feature makes it a tourist’s point of interest. The beach is not the similar type of beach that one sees every day because it is made of pebbly coarse sand and the water is of clear sapphire green color. The scenic sunsets coupled with the hippie drumming makes the place more alluring.

The Aguas Blancas is by far the most adventurous beach in Ibiza. The tall stone cliffs and throng of pebbled caves await the tourists to explore and cherish. Shallow blue waters that surround the beach tempt the visitors to dive in and enjoy themselves.

The gorgeous bay and the beach of Cala Xarraca can be captured in the panorama of the cameras. It is the crystal clear water and soft sands that make Cala Xarraca the ideal place for snorkeling and swimming. The rugged blood-red cliffs decorated with the long pine tree are perfect for the evening strolls. Cala Xarraca beach is highly popular for the mud which is blessed with healing properties. This is the place if you want to soothe your skin and engage in some natural skin treatment!

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Explore the Ancient Streets of Dalt Vila and Unlock the Mysteries of the Atlantis

Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza has been cited as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The town encapsulates a rich history of almost 2500 years along with marvelous scenic duty, mysteries, myths and strange phenomenon. Centuries old cobblestones will compel you to walk barefoot rather than wearing the fancy shoes. The grand entrance through the Portal de Ses Taules, the majestic Roman courtyard Plaza de Vila; the old battlements and cannons; the hidden treasures at the Old Castle at the Old Town along with the open air cinema will take you back in time and will present you with a heavenly experience.

Being named after the mythical city of Atlantis, this place holds a treasure trove of unraveled mysteries. It was a former quarry which had supplied the base stones that built the foundation of Dalt Vila. The quarry was entitled as Atlantis since the most of its parts were reclaimed by the sea and at the very first glimpse; it camouflages itself as an ancient town. Situated opposite the mystic island of Es Vedra, the local legends say that the place has been imbued by some of its mystic qualities. Surprisingly, not many know about it but surely the Atlantis is a recommended place for taking the most magical photographs.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Bars, Clubs, and Nightlife

Escape from the Daily Life and Dance to the Tunes of the Happening Ibiza Clubs! Ibiza nightlife is famous across the world and as if the tourists cannot miss out on partying here. Ibiza boat parties and the Ibiza pool parties also make a huge appeal. The best booze and the beats of the electronic places compel the party goers to hit the dance floors. The Ibiza pool party in Ocean beach is something so majestic that will always be embedded in my mind. For this party, the main focus is the blissful pool! Classic summer dancing, splashing of water as well as the Arte Volante theatrical will remain to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

Cirque de la Nuit | Ibiza | Bachelorette Party | Bubbly Moments


Who does not know about Pacha? Pacha Ibiza is listed as a premium club among other Ibiza party places. It is the perfect venue for Ibiza Bachelorette Party. The club remains open all year round but the awesome parties start at the summer season. There are twenty different Pacha clubs all around the globe but the best party spirit can be found in this one. A classy site with an extravaganza of the Balearic spirit combined with the music of some of the finest DJs in the world like David Guetta, David Morales, and Peter Tong. Pacha is sure to be on the top of every party lover’s list. The “F***k me I am Famous” party featuring David Guetta is something worth looking out for.


Privilege is another upscale club in Ibiza which is considered to be the biggest club in the entire world. But I am really not sure that place was a fancy one. It is very easy to get lost in the Ibiza superclub and there is nothing so extravagant about this place except its dance floor which is the largest in the whole world. Apart from that, it has a 25-meter high ceiling and huge windows that clearly give the alluring views of the island.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments


Ushuaia is among the top-notch Ibiza clubs and the VIP treatments it offers just wooed people. Being an open air club, this beachside spot for extravagant parties has redefined daytime parties on this island. One cannot visit the island for an Ibiza bachelorette party without going to Ushuaia. It also got a pool and just like Pacha, some of the greatest DJs of all time including Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Avicii and many others played in Ushuaia. The club is always packed with an energetic crowd and we matched our steps to the beats.

Cirque de la Nuit

And how can I forget the magnificent Ibiza boat party at Cirque de la Nuit. The party starts at 3:30 as the day slowly transcends into a magical evening. The boat party starts its journey from the Playa den Bossa alongside the mystical Ses Salinas natural reserve and concludes at the beautiful strait of Formentera. Cirque de la Nuit boat club is the largest in the world and it is truly one hell of a ride! I will reminiscence the experience that I gathered with my girls at the boat party throughout my life.


Although, we were not able to visit Amnesia, it is a place that I truly recommend to everyone willing to party in Ibiza. The main room in Amnesia truly showcases the party spirit of Ibiza and it is precisely what every party goer dreams about. Ecstatic sound and the energetic crowd will truly make anyone cry “HakunaMatata” in utmost joy during any Ibiza bachelorette party!


To get the taste of more party life in Ibiza, go and land in the award winning club Space. Space earned the title of ‘Best Global Club’ for four times after receiving thousands of votes from the clubbers. The winner club is located on the outskirts and is known for the open terrace. One could experience the positive vibes of the oldest part of the town during any Ibiza Bachelorette Party.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Restaurants and Places to Eat

The Gastronomy Journey in Ibiza Will Satisfy All Your Food Cravings! A vacation is never complete without proper culinary satisfaction and the restaurants in Ibiza play with flavors. We visited the Cappuccino Marina and Sa Cova to relish our taste buds and the restaurants truly found a way to our hearts with their gastronomy extravaganza!

Cappuccino Marina

Cappuccino Marina was a vibrant restaurant that served the tastiest food platters. It offers outdoor patio overlooking the Ibiza Old Town. The amazing views towards the city and the joyful ambiance filled our minds with utmost happiness. The food was lip-smacking and we enjoyed every bite of it. And most importantly the soulful music and art that facilitates the restaurant were so elegant that it was too hard for me to walk out of the place.

Sa Cova

Sa Cova’s  artistic interiors and jovial ambiance appealed to me a lot! The food was stunningly tasty and the waiters in the restaurant were welcoming. I never felt like I am in a foreign nation because of the warm hospitality.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments
Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Mar a Vila

Far from the bustling party streets, this food joint on the White Island will allow you to feast in a classic way. Mar A Vila do not limit their customers to certain local cuisines but the international flavors they serve will make you drool over it. If you are looking for tapas, skewered snacks or pintos, Mar A Vila is the food joint that you must visit. However, if you are good on your budget then try the à la carte menu for sure.

Sa Punta

Here is a toast to the stunning views and scrumptious food of Sa Punta. To start, get seated on the roof terrace and then shift to the main dining room for relishing on quality foods. I loved watching across the Talamanca coastline while I was sipping on the cocktail. Sa Punta offers international food with a bit of a twist such as red tuna tartare with fresh ginger or the grilled scallops along with green mango condiment and so much more to name from the menu.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

Can Domingo

But bidding a ‘good-bye’ to Ibiza without visiting the Italian restaurant that is situated in the rural hills will make you repent forever. Can Domingo embrace both fine dining and the farmhouse life and it is well reflected in this food hub. Originally, it was a farmhouse that is renovated to an upscale restaurant and the most interesting fact is that the ingredients used to cook the delicacies in the restaurant are grown in the garden itself. One has diverse options to choose from. Do not miss on the chance of sitting in the garden as the flowers and the hung carob trees will remind you of the good-old days.

Ibiza Bachelorette Trip | Bubbly Moments

From the walk through the old streets of Ibiza to the culinary treats, this Ibiza Bachelorette Party was all about knowing a new culture and having a lot of fun. Though the time was short and still many places were left unattended, Ibiza had weaved beautiful memories for all of us. However, my girls and I were surely excited to explore our the last and final stop of this European trip: Barcelona, Spain, the home of boundless culture and fabled architecture!

Have you had an Ibiza bachelorette party? What are your favorite party places and restaurants in Ibiza? Comment below!


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