Reviewing the Best Electric Toothbrushes of 2022

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022 | Smart Toothbrush | Goby Toothbrush | Bubbly Moments

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Most people have a sense that using an electric toothbrush leads to better oral hygiene, but they may not know why. According to scientific studies, using an electric toothbrush results in cleaner teeth and gums than using a traditional toothbrush. Specifically, using an electric or smart toothbrush reduces the risk of tooth decay and boosts gum health, helping people hold onto their teeth for many more years.

There are many electric toothbrush models available. In fact, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one! So, to help navigate the choices, here are reviews for three of the best electric toothbrushes in 2022. From the descriptions of the Philips Sonicare 9900, the Colgate Hum and the Goby toothbrush, it’s clear they’re all great hygiene tools! But they each offer slightly different benefits. So let’s dive into the options.

A Premium Choice: The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with SenseIQ

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022 | Smart Toothbrush | Goby Toothbrush | Bubbly Moments
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It’s possible to find an electric toothbrush at nearly every price point these days. But just because it costs more doesn’t automatically mean it’s one of the best electric toothbrushes of 2022. Want a premium option that truly delivers?

In the high-end toothbrush market, the Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with SenseIQ is a top selection. From a design perspective, it’s sleek and easy to carry, easy to keep clean and looks great sitting on any bathroom counter.

The Philips Sonicare 9900 is also a smart toothbrush. And that means that some of the SmartFeatures are designed to protect users’ teeth from harm. It offers real-time feedback if you brush too hard by automatically lowering brush intensity. Gathering information from how each user brushes, the connected app then gives tips to help improve the brushing technique over time.

In terms of usability, the Philips Sonicare 9900 is extremely simple to handle. There’s no guessing and testing numerous brush head options, because the Sonicare is fitted with an all-in-one brush head that can then be tweaked to address specific needs or conditions via the app. Setting options cater to straightforward cleaning, enhanced whitening, a delicate touch for sensitive teeth and techniques for improved gum health, among others.

Best of all, the brush is very quiet and is comfortable to hold, so that users won’t tire out and quit brushing before the recommended two minutes per session have passed. At a higher price point, it’s certainly an investment, but one that feels worthwhile in terms of benefits.

A Family Friendly Smart Toothbrush: The Colgate Hum

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022 | Smart Toothbrush | Goby Toothbrush | Bubbly Moments
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Next on the list of best electric toothbrushes in 2022 is Hum by Colgate, an integrated brush and app system. This smart toothbrush offers separate experiences for children and adults, making it a favorite for families. Available in a rechargeable and rhythmic sonic version—the former costs about $70, while the latter is a super-reasonable $30—this user-friendly smart toothbrush resides in the market’s mid-point. Yet it still delivers many high-end features!

Case in point? When using the Colgate hum toothbrush, it sends feedback to the integrated app. That helps users’ understand how effectively they clean each of their teeth. Additionally, the app determines if users’ brushing duration is up to par.

Over time, the app learns the user’s habits. In turn, it rolls customized guidance to improve brushing technique in several different categories, ultimately boosting the overall health and cleanliness of that smile.

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022 | Smart Toothbrush | Goby Toothbrush | Bubbly Moments
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What’s more, the Colgate hum app makes brushing fun—and rewarding! For adults, the app will set up user challenges to incentivize better and more frequent brushing, along with challenges that improve specific brushing skills, such as the ability to cover each tooth.

Children will love brushing with Hum, because the app turns every session into a two-minute live gaming experience, complete with augmented reality features. Plus, every time anyone in the family brushes with Hum, or completes a challenge or activity, they earn points that are redeemable in the app shop, making the overall oral hygiene experience that much more rewarding with Colgate Hum.

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022: Not Every Winner is a ‘Smart’ Choice

Best Electric Toothbrushes 2022 | Smart Toothbrush | Goby Toothbrush | Bubbly Moments
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Not every great electric toothbrush has to be a smart toothbrush—a fact that becomes clear after using the Goby toothbrush. After all, an electric toothbrush without a “smart” system can still offer great oral health benefits.

That’s certainly the case with the Goby Toothbrush. As a straightforward electric brush, it’s similar in construction to early Oral-B models. But the Goby’s brush head swings back and forth instead of simply vibrating, offering superior plaque removal. Goby does a fabulous job at getting rid of fuzzy build-up on users’ teeth, helping prevent plaque and creating brighter, whiter smiles over time.

As for the actual brushing system? Like the other recommendations on this list of best electric toothbrushes 2022, the Goby toothbrush is very user friendly. First, the brush is available in right or left handed modes. Next, the basic design comes with just one button and two speeds, one for ‘normal’ and another for sensitive teeth. That takes the guesswork out of the brushing experience.

Additionally, the Goby has a two minute built-in timer, to ensure adequate brush time. As an added bonus, the timer offers prompts every 30 seconds, so users can move to the next section of their mouths. Finally, for those who prefer to invest in brands with a mission, Goby delivers—the founders partnered with NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program to make a donation supporting national and global dental care for every brush purchased.

It’s a well-known—but often ignored—fact that toothbrushes or brush heads need replacing. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), brush heads should be replaced every three to four months, or more frequently, if they display signs of breakdown, such as matting or fraying.

Luckily, Goby wants to ensure that people don’t use worn-out brush heads, so they offer a subscription service. This allows members to receive a new brush head every one to three months, depending on personal preference. Plus, by signing up for the cancel-any-time subscription, buyers get a discount from the purchase price of the Brush Kits, making those even more affordable. And for $10 off a brush kit, with or without a subscription, use the BUBBLYMOMENTS promo code at checkout.

Have you used any of our selections for best electric toothbrushes 2022? Which was your favorite? Comment Below!


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