14 Unique Rooftop Bars in Chicago

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An hour at one of the Chicago rooftop bars can be both relaxing and exciting. There are tons of options to pick from with all the excellent Chicago bars available, and choosing the right one can be difficult for many bar goers.

Some of the Chicago rooftop bars are adventures on their own, sustained by great music and impeccable customer service. They let you adore all of the beautiful Chicago landmarks and to enjoy the summertime perfectly.

Most Chicago rooftop bars are artistic edifices with well-placed fireplaces and fantastic lighting that give you a worldly feel. Sipping on your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset over the Chicago skyline is truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Many of the best rooftop bars in Chicago are a mesh of comfort, hospitality, taste, and admirable art. There are so many great places to choose from, that picking the best can be a daunting task.

To help you with that, here is a list of the best rooftop bars in Chicago, some of them being also the most amazing rooftop restaurants in Chicago.

Z Bar

Z Bar is the newest Chicago rooftop bar. The luxury lounge opened at the end of June 2018 at the Peninsula Hotel. Located on the sixth floor and overlooking the Magnificent Mile, the Water Tower and Hancock buildings, visitors can enjoy some of the most spectacular city views.

Z Bar has indoor and outdoor areas decorated with contemporary hand-painted murals, marble, and softwood.

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Make sure you stop by for late night drinks after dinner to experience the signature mix of globally-inspired cocktails. Cuisine offers interesting menu of small bites and shareables like wagyu sliders, Malaysian style chicken, smoked mackerel, and steak fondue. Don’t hesitate to also taste some of the interesting deserts such as the Zaa chocolate brioche.

Z Bar: 108 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-573-6888; or https://www.zbarchicago.com/

Cindy’s Rooftop

Famous from the long list of unique Chicago bars is Cindy’s. At the top of the Chicago Athletic Association sits Cindy’s Rooftop, which is both a bar and a restaurant. It has a communal setting with fireplaces and heaters positioned in a strategic way on the rooftop, which ensures that your stay is as warm as your welcome.

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Cindy’s Rooftop is indeed a great place for fun brunches. Chef Christian Ragano offers a great menu that includes Crunch Lettuces, Buratta, and Stone Ground Girt. It also offers snazzy artisan cocktails that are served by an amazingly friendly staff.

During the night hours at Cindy’s, you can enjoy the amazing view of the sun setting over Millennium Park. Make your reservation for an exceptional get-together at this must visit from the list of best rooftop restaurants in Chicago.

Cindy’s Rooftop: 12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, 312-792-3502; or http://www.cindysrooftop.com/

Londonhouse Chicago

On the 22nd floor of the loop building sits the Londonhouse Rooftop that offers a tri-level experience, including an indoor bar on the 21st floor and a private cupola on the 23rd floor. The Chicago River views are just breathtaking when comparing it to other Chicago bars.

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The Londonhouse Rooftop offers an ambitious assortment of cocktails with impressive presentations. The menu of food includes particularly tasty duck fat fries served with black truffles and shaved foie gras. One of the most tasteful menus of all the rooftop restaurants in Chicago.

The panoramic view of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and the Magnificent Mile is something that only the Londonhouse Rooftop offers.

Londonhouse is also one of the few rooftops that offers afternoon tea, which allows you to just sit back and enjoy the Chicago skyline with every sip. It is a perfect spot for your new Instagram pictures.

Londonhouse Chicago: 85 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, 312-253-2317; or https://londonhousechicago.com/rooftop/

Cerise Rooftop

The 26th floor of the Virgin Hotel offers a spontaneous and playful space for the explorers. Be their guest tonight and delight yourself with the well-crafted drinks and culinary offerings while admiring the beautiful Chicago skyline.

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At Cerise, the music, food and drink is coupled with excellent service that makes it a place you will never forget. They serve Japanese small plates and cocktails.

It looks like a lounge with elegant décor, consisting of tall black booths and brightly colored couches set apart at different spots on the rooftop. The green and blue color scheme gives off a playful summer vibe.

Cerise rooftop prides itself in its unusual architectural angles, which offers customers three very unique views, which cannot be said of most of the other Chicago bars. It overlooks the Jewelers’ building, the famous Trump Tower and the Chicago River. It is perfect for those who are seeking the kind of environment that sticks in your mind weeks later. Find your way to one of the best rooftop bars in Chicago here at Cerise.

Cerise Rooftop: 203 N Wabash Ave 26th floor, Chicago, IL 60601, 312-940-4774; or https://virginhotels.com/chicago/dine-and-drink/cerise/

Apogee Rooftop

This one falls high on the list for best rooftop bars in Chicago. The gold and velvet color of the décor at the Apogee Rooftop is one that evokes a feeling of regality. The rooftop, which is on the 26th floor of the Dana Hotel and Spa, was recently awarded the “New Concept of The Year” at the Nightclub and Bar Awards in Las Vegas. It has master mixologists that deliver quality cocktails in custom ceramic vessels, a unique touch that allows it to stand out from other Chicago bars.

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This rooftop is a rare sight of the sweeping city views of Chicago that are even more appreciated by the warmth of the fire pits and the DJ playing a variety of types of music. It is a perfect place for relaxing gatherings as well as nights out with good friends..

In my opinion, Apogee Rooftop is the perfect blend of music, food and stunning views, which creates something totally memorable. Its menu includes fried oysters, an Alaskan king crab bun and a few other specialties that would surely satisfy your tastebuds. The staff members are well-trained and always willing to help you to decide your food choice in case you cannot make up your mind with all their great options.

This is a must do when it comes to Chicago rooftop bars! Your reservation at Apogee is only a call away.

Apogee Rooftop: 2 W Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-202-6060; or https://www.apogeechicago.com/

The Terrace at Trump

Falling high on the list of best rooftop bars in Chicago is the Terrace located on the 16th floor of the Trump Tower. Since its opening in 2016, the Terrace 16 has become one of the most-liked destinations in the whole city.

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This rooftop bar strikes a balance in exterior and interior dining spaces. Staying true to its name, the place celebrates itself through the vibrant colors of the earth. Chef Dostal has an impressive terrace garden that sits beautifully adjacent to the restaurant.

Moreover, the Terrace 16 is home to two hundred seats and an outdoor patio from which one can appreciate the views of Chicago’s skyline, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Designed by Smart Mouth Design’s Alex Morales, the rooftop is set in such a way that upon arrival, one is welcomed by a serene atmosphere highlighted by contemporary décor. It includes beautifully placed lighting, foliage and furniture in the outdoor area weaved with touches of bamboo.

A visit to this rooftop is incomplete without a trial of their signature cocktail made of tropical fruit and fine-crafted spirits, which is ideal for Chicago’s hot summer months.

The Terrace at Trump: 401 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-588-8030; or https://www.trumphotels.com/chicago/dining/fine-dining-chicago

IO Godfrey

IO Godfrey at the Godfrey Hotel is another rooftop bar worth visiting. It has a glass retractable roof that makes it feel like a greenhouse. It allows you to enjoy your time out undisturbed with an open air feel.

IO Godfrey | best rooftop bars chicago, chicago bars, chicago rooftop bars, rooftop bar, rooftop restaurants chicago | bubbly moments

IO Godfrey offers a beautiful view that becomes even more appreciable at night. Not only that, but the customer service is just great. You can enjoy chef crafted cocktails with friends and loved ones in communal booths, as well as elegant dishes next to the two-level fire pit.

It is also one of the largest indoor and outdoor rooftop lounges of all Chicago bars. It is a unique place on my list where you can even go alone and still enjoy yourself.

IO Godfrey: 127 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-374-1830; or http://iogodfrey.com/

Upstairs at the Gwen

Making the list is the Upstairs at the Gwen. Even just the name itself adds something special. You will hands down have the best dining experience in Chicago at this rooftop.

The taste is coupled with opulent design and historical value at this beautiful rooftop. This particular hotel lounge has a lot of history because it has been around since the 1920s. I personally recommend it to anyone who loves classical art and architecture.

As for the entertainment, you will be privy to evenings filled with jazz and classical music reminiscent of the roaring twenties. The Gwen Hotel in Chicago definitely has retained its classic beauty amidst the modern era of today. It offers a variety of food and drink selections, from cocktails and wines to a much more relaxed round of beer. As soon as you enter, you will be transported back in time.

You will surely not regret paying this bar a visit, not only because of the delicious food and art, but also because of the valuable service that the staff has to offer. Your favorite of all the Chicago rooftop bars awaits!

Upstairs at the Gwen: Chicago 521 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-645-1500; or http://www.thegwenchicago.com/dining/upstairs-at-the-gwen/

Zed451 the Brazilian Steakhouse

Zed451 offers the most delicious and authentic Brazilian steak that you can’t get anywhere else at such an affordable price.

ZED 451 | Steakhouse | best rooftop bars chicago, chicago bars, chicago rooftop bars, rooftop bar, rooftop restaurants chicago | Bubbly Moments

The bar has a wide selection of finely grilled meats that will certainly make your mouth water. The expert chefs can also bring the rotisserie right to your table so you can have the unique experience of viewing the preparations before eating.

If you or your friends are not up for being formal, you can choose to stay at the bar instead of the main dining area. You can be assured you will receive the same experience wherever you dine. You can also enjoy access to an all-you-can-eat buffet that is sure not to disappoint.

A meal here will surely be a special one, so  remember Zed451 you consider this option from the long list of Chicago bars available to visit.

Zed451 the Brazilian Steakhouse: 739 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-266-6691; or http://zed451.com/

3 Forks

You can’t go wrong with this place. Coming in strong on the list for best rooftop restaurants in Chicago is 3 Forks. At the bar at 3 Forks you can get a fine dining experience with a relaxing ambience. The opulent style of the dining area catches the eye of whoever enters.

3 Forks | best rooftop bars chicago, chicago bars, chicago rooftop bars, rooftop bar, rooftop restaurants chicago | Bubbly Moments

This particular restaurant has at least 7 modern dining rooms to assist you with any event planning. You can certainly make the birthday of your loved one special at 3 Forks, and they even offer exclusive rooms for your next poker night. It is worth checking out the photo gallery of 3 Forks, which will assuredly impress you for a must visit.

You will have a spectacular view of downtown Chicago from here. Food at the 3 Forks is coupled with excellent service. Entertainment at this place is also unique and exciting.

It would be fair to say that this particular bar has more than one specialty. You will never regret choosing it when considering which of the Chicago bars to visit.

3 Forks: 180 N. Field Blvd. Chicago, Illinois 60601, 312-938-4303; or https://www.3forks.com/chicago/the-restaurant/

J. Parker Chicago

Haven’t found your perfect rooftop bar yet? Your time with friends and family at J. Parker will be better than ever if you pay a visit at night. It is also one of the best places for having a date night. You should not miss bringing your loved one to this wonderful place in town.

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Do not hesitate considering J. Parker as one of your immediate go-to destinations for a romantic evening or just a relaxing night with a friend or spouse. The experience promises to be one of a kind.

This bar sits at the top of the Lincoln Hotel, which gives diners spectacular views of Lincoln Park and downtown Chicago. It offers a variety of cocktail drinks along with a delicious selection of food.

J. Parker is also known among the people of Chicago for arranging the best events, so do not hesitate to consider it for your next party. This bar is also one of the best when it comes to service in town.

J. Parker Chicago: 1816 N Clark St. 13th Floor Chicago Illinois 60614, 312-254-4747; or https://www.jparkerchicago.com/

ROOF on theWit

Another top scoring of the best rooftop restaurants in Chicago with a fabulous bar is ROOF on theWit. High tech lights and sound, excellent taste, and professional and friendly customer service is the pride of ROOF on theWit. The music makes your experience even better at night when the Chicago skyline shines.

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You can reach another level of  comfort at this rooftop. Not only the crowd, but even the staff are lively at this bar. The stunning views will not let you down at your next meeting here.

At this rooftop bar, you will be able to forget all your problems from a long day, and that is why I would highly recommend this to people who need some real relaxing moments. I would say that the nightlife in Chicago is incomplete without at least one visit to theWit.

They also accommodate large parties and special events. Do not hesitate to make your reservation today.

ROOF on theWit: 201 N. State Street, 27th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601, 312-239-9502; or https://roofonthewit.com/

NoMi Park Hyatt Chicago

Also making the list of best rooftop bars in Chicago is the world famous NoMi. This stellar option of rooftop restaurant in Chicago will be preferred by those who love to have dinner at the most luxurious places. This bar is a combination of beauty and grandness. You will also have the most exquisite selection of Chicago foods at this bar. Everything in their menu proves to be worth the money you spend.

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At NoMi, there are the Kitchen, the Lounge, and the Garden. These three sections of the same restaurant offer a wide variety of delicacies that guests can choose from without putting in much effort, thanks to the professional and qualified staff.

The Kitchen offers a panoramic view of the city coupled with an open air kitchen that will allow guests to enjoy the warm summer air while eating their favorite meal. As for the Lounge, guests will have a much more relaxed atmosphere here. This is where sipping on cocktails and beer feels better than ever.

If you are hosting an event, the private dining areas at NoMi Garden can definitely give you what you are looking for in terms of fun with your friends and guests.  You can also arrange an office meeting at NoMi to successfully mix business and pleasure.

NoMi Park Hyatt Chicago: 800 North Michigan Avenue Seventh Floor of the Park Hyatt Chicago, IL 60611, 312-239-4030; or https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/illinois/park-hyatt-chicago/chiph/dining


If you want to have an authentic, Asian-flavored meal at any time of the day, Noyane’s rooftop bar is sure to hit the spot. Noyane features lovely Asian cuisines, including sashimi, classic dumplings and different types of cocktail drinks with a Japanese twist. It is one of the most adventurous of the Chicago bars around.

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If you decide to go to this restaurant, you will be able to feast your eyes on the most beautiful views of downtown Chicago while enjoying a peaceful meal at the top of one of the most famous hotels in the country (Conrad Hotel Chicago).

It is highly recommended of all the Chicago rooftop bars because it gives the same tastes with comparatively lower prices. Noyane is definitely worth the visit!

Noyane and all of the rooftop bars listed above are assuredly the top 14 in Chicago. I hope the list will help you choose your favorite bar tonight!

Noyane: 101 East Erie St. Chicago IL 60611 | Conrad Chicago Rooftop, 312-667-6796; or http://www.noyane.com/

Have you visited any of those Chicago rooftop bars?
Which one is your favorite?


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    While it’s not a rooftop bar per se, I might add to the list the Signature Lounge, on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building. It’s one of my favorite places to take out-of-town friends, in large part because it offers such a great view of the city at night– even in the restroom!

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