Maldives Honeymoon | The Unrivaled Beauty of Their Beaches

Maldives | Bubbly Moments

After visiting Hong KongChiang MaiChiang Rai, and Bangkok, our Maldives honeymoon adventure ended at the turquoise water and white sands surrounding the magical, secluded island of the Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives. The tropical island nation of the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Arabian Sea. We spent six blissful days and seven nights at one of the Four Seasons resorts. Our stay was the ultimate beach vacation– so peaceful, beautiful, and refreshing!

The Maldives are part of South Asia and are known for being geographically spread out; they are composed of 26 “atolls,” which are ring-shaped coral reef borders, and span nearly 115 square miles in size. Aside from their enormous length and dispersion, the most defining characteristic of the Maldives would be the unrivaled beauty of their beaches. Everywhere we went looked like a scene from a fabulous postcard! It was an amazing way to spend part of our honeymoon, and I hope we can go back some day… maybe for our anniversary!

Overwater Villa | Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments

A Little History

The Republic of the Maldives became independent from the United Kingdom in 1965, but has a rich cultural history dating back centuries beforehand. The capital of the Maldives is Malé, which is also the most populated of the islands. It is sometimes called the “King’s Island” both for its central location and because the Maldivian monarchy resided there in the past.

Over thousands of years, the Maldives has had connections to a number of religions including: Buddhism, due to their proximity to India; Islam, during a period where the nation was a sultanate; and Christianity during the Colonial era. Currently, the nation’s ethnic makeup is estimated at 100 percent Maldivian, most residents are practicing Muslims, and the primary language spoken is Maldivian as well, preserving their unique and complex cultural history.

History aside, the Maldives we know today is an attractive hub for tourists and a fantastic place to spend time away from the grind. The island communities are close-knit, in part due to how separately the atolls are dispersed. This closeness and togetherness shone through during our stay, and by the end of the week, it felt like home.

Maldives Honeymoon Beach Outfits

Maldives | Bubbly Moments

Sea Plane Ride from Malé International Airport

We flew into Malé International Airport, the main airport in the Maldives, which is located on the “King’s Island.” It was opened in 1960, and was upgraded in 1972 to accommodate the substantial tourism boom that followed. Prior to this point, the Maldives were relatively unknown to global tourism, but now tourism counts for 28% of their nation’s gross domestic product.

While Malé is one of the main atolls, our hotel was in a different location, so we took a 30-minute sea plane ride to get there. What a truly breathtaking way to preview our Maldives honeymoon stay! From overhead, we were able to see the entire lay of the atolls through the window, which only made us more excited to get to our destination. Not to mention that sea planes are surprisingly spacious compared to regular commercial airlines. Furthermore, because the 26 islands are so spread out, sea planes and boat rides are the two main modes of transportation to travel between them. To us, taking a sea plane was foreign and exciting, but to most local people, it was business as usual.

Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Sea Plane Ride | Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments

Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments

Biking on the Small Island

Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments

Though a number of the atolls in the Maldives are quite small, there is plenty of adventure to be found when exploring them! The main source of transportation on our island was the bicycle which gave us the opportunity to go from our overwater villa to the beach, the scuba diving center, to one of the restaurants, the library, or the tennis courts.

It was also a great way to leisurely pass the day and enjoy the beautiful, balmy weather during our Maldives honeymoon. It was hot while we were there, and cruising around the island provided a much-needed breeze that cut through the humidity.

Four Seasons Maldives

The Four Seasons is located in Landau Giraavaru, one of the islands, and it offers bungalows, villas, as well as specialty accommodations. The hotel perfectly represent the sunny and sultry climate of the area. It is tucked behind traditional turquoise gates, and is surrounded by nature on each side. Private gardens cover the land, and each of the land-based accommodations features beach access.

They offer a full service spa for rest and relaxation as well as various excursion packages to explore Landau Giraavaru during your stay. Additionally, guests are served a daily breakfast delivered to their room, consisting of fresh local fruits, Landaa Spring bottled water, coffee and tea. The villas are spectacular, with wooden steps and walkways connecting them to the rest of the property, suspended over the crystal clear blue waters.

The decor of the rooms is simple and elegant, with teal accents, and bright sunlight streaming in through open windows which provide panoramic views of the ocean and beaches. You’re never more than a few steps from the beach staying at the Four Seasons. It is a perfect place to find privacy, tranquility, and relaxation during your Maldives honeymoon.


There are a number of activities available for guests, including a self-guided outdoor yoga trail, snorkeling, kayaking, and catamaran sailing. During our Maldives honeymoon, we did a number of things, most of them outdoors in the warm and sunny weather.

We spent some time underwater scuba diving and snorkeling, and saw some of the coral atolls up close. Diving in the Maldives is a truly unique experience. The waters are so clear that it’s perfect for up-close underwater photography, and there was certainly enough photo-worthy sea life as well! Native to the Maldives are a variety of manta rays and sharks, including the “gentle giant” whale shark, known as the largest species of them all.

We also played tennis and went windsurfing, which was a total thrill! It was a fantastic way to get a feel for the area while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments


Speaking of outdoor enjoyment, the hotel has four marvelous restaurants. The first is Blu, which is situated along the lagoon and features a five-course menu of beachside Italian and Sicilian staples as well as “Lobster Night Tuesdays”. Once a week, Blu’s menu features specialty Sardinian lobster dishes designed for the occasion. Second is Al Barakat, serving Arabian fare like hummus, tabouleh, and falafel as well as entrees like roasted lamb and shawarma. Their third restaurant, Café Landaa, overlooks the swimming pool and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu is a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines, with dishes like Malabar Calamari and the Fried Eggplant Plate.

Last but certainly not least is Fuego Grill, which was our favorite place! There’s just something about eating fresh seafood at a restaurant by the ocean that makes it all the more delicious! Their menu is primarily seafood, including classics like oysters and calamari as well as fun and flavorful dishes like Reef Fish Carpaccio. It’s good to come hungry to these restaurants — you won’t be disappointed!


The Four Seasons also has a few bars on-site that give the opportunity for fun on the beach after dark. Shisha Bar offers Middle Eastern appetizers from Al Barakat as Turkish coffee and shisha out of hookahs for a relaxing night on the beach. If smoking is not quite your style, the Four Seasons also has Blu Bar, located right on the beach and open during the day as well for a seaside cocktail or fruity non-alcoholic beverage. Blu Bar puts an Italian twist on tapas and other appetizers as well, and offers sparkling Prosecco to sip on the beach at sunset during your Maldives honeymoon.

Seabar is right at the water’s edge, boasting frozen margaritas and frozen seafood tapas. Located above the water in the north lagoon, the seating at Seabar is made up of cushions and outdoor lounge furniture. You can dangle your toes over the water, watch the sun set over the horizon, or lay comfortably in the sunshine. The most amazing part, however, had to be watching the lemon sharks and reef fish feed at the bottom of the atolls every night! Just like when we were diving, the water was so clear and turquoise blue that we could perfectly see them swimming around below us. It was breathtaking to be so close to these amazing animals — even if it was a little scary knowing they were hungry and looking to feed.

Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments
Maldives | Bubbly Moments

After visiting Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Bangkok, our trip to the Maldives islands was an unforgettable way to end our 21-day honeymoon. We saw beautiful sights, spent almost every day at the beach, and were able to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Between the time we spent sunbathing and all of the awesome outdoor activities we did, our Maldives honeymoon week went by too fast!

Have you been to the Maldives? What is your favorite beach destination? Comment below!


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