How Spacejoy Helped me Design our Living Room in Hawaii


Bringing life to a living room is no small feat; I found this out recently after we bought a condo in Kauai. The color, the schemes, the large pieces of furniture that companies wouldn’t ship to Hawaii - I needed professional help.

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Discover Maui


Maui is the second biggest island in Hawaii. Its two large mountains are connected by a stunning valley, and a number of exotic beaches can be found along all sides of the coast. The eastern side of the island is a popular area for most visitors, especially the area of Kaanapali—but more adventurous travelers will find the western portion of the island rugged and enchanting (if not a little harrowing to get to).

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Discover Kauai


There are many beautiful places to visit in Hawaii, but if you’re looking for a more authentic, natural scenery of the islands you might want to visit the pristine island of Kauai. It’s the perfect combination of tropical rainforests, emerald valleys, dramatic cliffs, and relaxing beaches.

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