15 Finds for Sorority Rush Outfits 2022 and Clothes on a College Budget

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It’s back to college time, which means it’s also time to shop for sorority recruitment outfits. Not sure what to choose for sorority rush outfits 2022? This quick guide will offer shopping tips for everything from sisterhood round outfits to affordable clothing for college that will work all year long. Ready to dive in? Check out the 15 must haves when shopping for clothes on a college budget.

Sorority Rush Outfits 2022: What is Rush Week?

Before joining a sorority, young women must go through a series of recruitment events, also known as rush week. Because there are so many events, putting together appropriate sorority recruitment outfits can be challenging.

Typically, rush week is divided into rounds. And, since the first and last rounds are the best chances to make an impression, those are the outfits broken down in this post.

Open House Round Sorority Recruitment Outfits

Rush week kicks off with an open house round. (Sometimes this round is called Ice Water Teas.) During this period, women visit prospective houses, meeting briefly with all the current members. Open house is about short meetings that give a better feel for the vibe of each house. And the looks should be pretty, casual and comfortable. Especially the shoes, since lots of walking happens during this part of the week.

Open House Outfit 1

Sorority Recruitment Outfits | Sorority Rush Week Outfits | Sisterhood Round Outfits | Bubbly Moments

This outfit offers cute clothing on a college budget. It will make the right impression, without breaking the bank. And that’s important, because there are so many more days of outfits still to come!

Start with this adorable sundress in a gorgeous baby blue that stands out without screaming for attention. Plus, the loose sleeve and subtle A-line skirt feel light and breathable for those long, hot days. Even during the mad rush between houses.

Next, add simple slide sandals, like this backless pair with decorative crossbands. It’s perfect for walking, since it has a minimal rise and light padding in the heel—a must for hours of standing at open houses.

Finally, punch up the fairly simple sundress with these statement earrings. Because they’re in a neutral color palette, they emphasize instead of overwhelming the look. And that lets personality take center stage, which is really the goal for all sorority recruitment outfits!

Sorority Rush Outfits 2022: Look 2

Sorority Recruitment Outfits | Sorority Rush Week Outfits | Sisterhood Round Outfits | Bubbly Moments

Today’s look is crisp, clean and elegant. Start with a perfect little white dress, that’s classic but special, thanks to the delicate ruffle detailing and flattering halter neckline. Again, shoes have to keep up with the pace of the open house round. These clear, nude sandals have just enough lift to add height without sacrificing comfort. Finally, with such a neutral palette, it’s a great time to add these gorgeous turquoise-and-gold statement earrings. They bring color and memorability to an otherwise simple look. And that will help rushees’ individuality stand out, even during back-to-back rush introductions.

Two Looks for the Sisterhood Round Outfits

In between Open House and Sisterhood Round Outfits, most schools go through a philanthropy and preference round. Then, it’s time to make the last—and best—impression. And, finally, to accept a sorority invitation! 

During this round, women narrow down their top house choices. They also dig deeper into each house’s values, and get to know prospective sisters on a deeper level. The formality level is higher for this round, so the dresses are more detailed. Plus, the heels are higher, and the jewels have more sparkle! Bring it on, right?

Look 1: Fancy and Affordable Clothing for College Rush Week

Sorority Recruitment Outfits | Sorority Rush Week Outfits | Sisterhood Round Outfits | Bubbly Moments

This outfit starts with an effortlessly elegant little wrap dress, embellished with feminine ruffle details. To meet the more formal dress code, add these 2-inch block heel sandals, sure to stand out thanks to their on-trend opaque design. Finish the look with blinged-out earrings like these beautiful Betsey Johnson danglers.

Sisterhood Round Outfits: Second Look

Sorority Recruitment Outfits | Sorority Rush Week Outfits | Sisterhood Round Outfits | Bubbly Moments

For the second outfit of this round, it’s ok to pump up the volume. Try this bright floral bohemian sundress, made even more memorable with its one shoulder design. Add a gorgeous quilted mule, with a stable but dramatic 3.5” block heel. Then, because they’re gorgeous, and because keeping clothes on a college budget isn’t easy, recycle the turquoise earrings from earlier to complete this outfit! 

Round out the Semester: Additional Clothing on a College Budget

What’s great about picking out these sorority recruitment outfits? Once rush is over, they can seamlessly work their way into the wardrobe for the rest of the semester. Then, just grab a few more style staples, and it all adds up to a luxe looking campus wardrobe. Even when buying clothes on a college budget!

First, score this perfect pair of cutoff jeans shorts. Dress them up with platform sandals and a sparkly top. Keep them casual with a white tee. Or transition them to fall with a hoodie and sneaks: these shorts become even more affordable clothing for college because they’re just so versatile.

Next on the must-have lists? A great pair of full-length jeans, like this high-waisted, ankle-length pair from Good American. The length works with flats, sneakers and heels. And the button-closure waist line lends itself to tucked in or tucked out styling, for a range of outfit options.

Finally, complete the basic bottoms with a playful mini skirt like this pleated, layered style from Amazon Fashion finds. An elevated neutral thanks to a delicate floral print, it can be styled casually with a tee or formally with a blouse, making it a perfect outfit builder for a cramped college dorm room closet.

Additional Clothing on a College Budget

One last note: don’t forget to think about loungewear. After all, so much of college social life happens after hours, and between dorm rooms. Score a sweet set like this star-printed Wielsscca Sleepwear and college bound kids will be ready to welcome dorm visitors whenever opportunity knocks!

Shopping for clothing on a college budget? Which sorority recruitment outfits will you be snagging? Share in the comments below!



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