9 Tips for Crushing Your First Week of Braces

9 Tips for Crushing Your First Week of Braces | Braces pain | sore mouth | how long does it take to get used to braces | first week of braces | loose teeth | emilia taneva DDS MS | chicago orthodontist

When you start thinking about orthodontics, you may be wondering: how long does it take to get used to braces? Will I have to deal with a sore mouth, or with braces pain?

I know, there’s a lot to think about. But today, I’m here to answer all those questions. And most of the answers you’re looking for have to do with the first week of braces. Which is why I’m sharing my top 9 tips for getting through the beginning of your braces journey

1. Ask Lots of Questions

After your orthodontist puts on your braces, take some time to go over details about the next week. Make sure to check the ends of your wires, to make sure nothing sharp is sticking out, since that could leave you with braces pain. If you find a spot that’s sharp, your orthodontist can help make you comfortable before you leave the office. 

You should also review your treatment plan, going over every step you’ll take before your next visit. And make sure to load up on supplies—including dental wax and floss threaders—to get you through the first week of braces…and beyond!

2. Menu Plan

It’s normal to have a sore mouth in the first week of braces. That’s why we suggest choosing softer foods as you adjust to your new orthodontic treatment. Now, don’t get nervous—this period of changing diet won’t last forever. 

So, how long does it take to get used to braces, and back to a more varied diet? Everyone is different. But most of my patients can eat harder foods after three or four days. Even so, we suggest sticking with cold drinks and softer foods during your first week of braces. Here are some great ideas for what to eat during the first week of braces. And all through your orthodontic treatment.  

3. Grab that Wax

When you’re starting orthodontic treatment, you may experience braces pain. That’s because your new brackets may irritate the skin inside your lips and cheeks. After the first week of braces, you’ll adjust to your brackets and shouldn’t have to worry about a sore mouth. But, until then, dabbing some dental wax over the offending brackets can help prevent irritation.

4. Rinse and Repeat

If you’ve got a lot of irritation, try rinsing your mouth with a salt water rinse. To get the right blend, add ½ teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Then, swish the mix in your mouth several times a day, for at least 30 seconds each rinse. This should help with pain relief if you have a sore mouth, and can also calm down any irritated spots. 

5. Brush Up On Your Oral Hygiene

Use your first week in braces to establish good oral hygiene routines.  Brush your teeth after every meal—or a minimum of twice a day—for at least three minutes. (You need to devote more time to brushing with braces, since food sticks to your brackets). And don’t forget to floss at least once a day, if not more often. Now check out more tips for how to floss and brush with braces.

6. Be Ready to Loosen Up

Worrying about loose teeth is certainly scary. So, during the first week of braces, you might get nervous if your teeth feel a little loose. But don’t worry: they aren’t going to fall out. Loose teeth are actually a normal part of orthodontic treatment. It just means they’re getting ready to move into new, straighter positions. Rest assured, once your braces come off, they’ll stay right where they belong (as long as you wear that retainer!)

7. Prepare for Emergencies

While unlikely, your brackets may become loose or break during your first week of braces. If your bracket gets loose, try to push it back into place. Then cover it with some dental wax until you can see your orthodontist. And if the bracket breaks or comes off its wire? Gently remove it from your mouth and make an appointment to see your orthodontist as soon as possible. 

8. Play it Safe

If your child will be playing sports during the first week of braces or afterwards, you’ll need to invest in a mouthguard. Now, it’s best to pick up an athletic mouthguard which is an instant fit and doesn’t require boiling.  There are many over the counter solutions that will fit comfortably and will properly protect the braces, brackets and wires, providing protection from lacerations.. You could also ask your orthodontist which brand of mouthguard they recommend for best fit and protection.

9. Power Through

The first week in braces will be the toughest. It’s when you’re most likely to face a sore mouth, loose teeth and spots of irritation. But this is also the time to get excited. You’re on your way to getting the smile you’ve always dreamed about! If you’re able to focus on the end results, and not the rough spots at the start of your journey, that first week (and all the ones that follow) will be so much easier. And, if you have any questions about starting orthodontic treatment in Chicago, please reach out to me at any time!

How was your first week with braces? How long did it take you to get used to the braces? How bad was your braces pain?
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