How to Set Up a Home Bar with Help from Amazon

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At a certain stage of grown-up life, having a home bar becomes non-negotiable. Even for those who don’t drink, it’s important to stock the bar in case visitors wish to indulge or simply toast their hosts. Plus, thanks to some great new merch by Amazon, purchasing home bar accessories is easier than ever. Plus, it can add beauty and creativity to any home design.

Of course, dedicated bar space may be limited in the home. In fact, for many people, home bars can be born from a living room corner and some creative design ideas. But regardless of the available space, today’s post will reveal the basic essentials needed to bring that home bar to life.

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The Perfect Bar Cart

Built in basement bars are not often part of today’s home designs. Instead, homeowners are finding creative ways to work bar space into formal living rooms, where real entertaining often takes place. Enter bar carts: home bar accessories that are both practical and pretty, housing liquor when required and adding visual interest to any space in-between gatherings.

After scouring Amazon, two perfect options were revealed. This rustic bar cart would feel right at home in today’s modern farmhouses. Or, for home bar ideas that skew more luxe, try this elegant gold-tone

Add a Console Table

Part of the fun in heading out to a bar is standing around and drinking with friends. But who wants to hold their drink for an entire evening? Well, unless guests are provided with a good perching point, they’ll have no other choice. (Or, they’ll leave some prominent water stains on other surfaces in the space.)

Instead, offer guests a better option—these portable bar tables complete with built-in coolers. Designed for outdoor use—or even pool-side float up parties—the simple, portable concept means the tables can also move indoors to create a home bar atmosphere anywhere the action happens.

Trays for Days

Want flexibility with a home bar? Simply purchase a tray or two, and any surface in the home can be instantly transformed into a bar top. Trays are perfect holding spaces for bottles, glassware, or even pre-cut drink garnishes. And, when not entertaining, they can hold pretty Knick knacks or even small lamps, helping add texture and layering to any design concept.

Limited on surface space? This two-piece set of small,round trays is ideal, and can even replace a table to act as individual serving trays for guests. Otherwise, keep this set permanently staged, arranging its contents with a mix of barware, spirits and more, to work these home bar accessories seamlessly into any room’s décor.

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Fake a Wet Bar with Auto Pours

For the amateur bartenders not ready to commit to a wet bar , have no fear: merch from Amazon can deliver a similar experience.

When hard liquor such as whiskey is on-tap, this one-bottle liquor dispenser serves up drinks with just the right amount of aeration. Plus, thanks to its rustic steam-punk design, this home bar accessory is elegant enough to leave on permanent display.

Of course, pouring and mixing drinks gets messy. So be sure to have a well-stocked towel selection on hand, whether the wet bar is built in or self-created. These drink themed bar towels add practical whimsy to the design concept…and they’ll never get accidentally reassigned to a different space in the home.

Must-Have Bar Tools

Once cocktails are on a home-bar menu, a few essential tools will simplify the mixology process. Now, it can be tempting to buy every bar-themed accessory on the market, but most are unnecessary—and take up too much surface space. Instead, try this simple cocktail mixing set, which would also make a great gift for a stock the bar party.

Then, for those who are ready to elevate the home bar experience, consider upgrading to this 10 piece bar kit, which includes a martini shaker and a gorgeous bamboo stand to help stage a decorative display.

Bring on the Drinks

With the space and tools covered, it’s time to actually stock the bar…with some wine and spirits.. Liquor can be expensive, so home bars don’t need to house every type of alcohol ever created. Instead, it’s ok to start with the basics, than add the less common choices—think liqueurs, mixers and more—later on, as time, budget and interest affords.
So, what are the home-bar must haves. when it comes to alcohol?

  • Vodka.
  • Tequila.
  • Rum. (Light and Dark)
  • Gin.
  • Whiskey. (Scotch and Bourbon)
  • Wine. (A solid red and white choice)

Mixers matter too, but here, again, it’s wise to be circumspect in the selection of purchases. Some basics to always have on hand include soda or tonic water and a selection of fresh juices. Coke, sprite, pineapple, orange and tomato juice are popular choices, but feel to customize this list.

From these basics, many drinks can be fixed, and many palettes pleased. If a certain event calls for a signature cocktail, feel free to add in a sherry, flavored vodka, or anything the recipe calls for. But with these home bar staples, most drink requests should be easy to fulfill.

Essential Glassware

Half of the cocktail experience is about the glass in which it’s served. Make sure to stock the bar with a selection of cocktail glasses,  as well as highballs, lowballs, and the always-elegant champagne flute.

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Added Storage

While many of these home bar accessories are designed for full-time display, some items—particularly liquor, wine and glass ware, will need some extra storage space. This simple metal bottle holder is great for storing hard liquor, and this 16-bottle wine rack is fantastic, since it can be handily tucked away inside a kitchen cabinet or dining room credenza.

Finally, for a home bar in need of some extra storage for glass ware, this under-cabinet, mounted wine-glass rack is another pretty and practical solution.

What are your favorite home bar accessories? Are you ready to host a party this holiday season? Comment below! 

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