The 12 Best Children’s Gifts for the Holidays

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This time of year is a magical one for children, but it can be particularly stressful for the adults tasked with making their gift wishes a reality. Add to that the extra pressure of global supply chain shortages, shipping delays, driver shortages and limited product availability and shopping for children’s gifts can become a total nightmare. Even that Amazon Prime membership is no longer a guarantee of next-day delivery for hot ticket items purchased over the holiday season.

Want to bring smiles to the little one’s faces without the hassle or anxiety over arrival time? Browse this selection of the top preschool toys, children’s clothing and outdoor play products for the 2021 holiday season. Check all those children’s toys off the growing Christmas wish list.

Buy for Baby

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Infants and early toddlers won’t truly appreciate most children’s toys. But parents of this quickly-growing age group will certainly be grateful for gifts that include children’s clothing. Of course, when it comes to the holidays, these outfits need to be extra special. This is why this gift round up only includes outfits guaranteed to shine in holiday photos. 

Take this pretty, padded park, complete with faux fur hood trim as an example. The look is tailor made for Mommy-and-me style days, and is sure to brighten up pictures from the baby’s first snow day. Feel free to throw in these coordinating water-repellant baby boots to round out the gift bundle.

Got a young gentleman on that list? This gorgeous plush hooded bathrobe will make his bath time a cozy treat.  Or, for the budding sneakerhead in the family, score these pint-sized Nike Air Max Extreme sneakers, made for tiny street style stars to strut in. 

And don’t forget the little fashionistas on that holiday gift list, who are sure to appreciate stylish children’s clothing. This 2-piece, ribbed-cotton loungewear set is perfect for young women who love to show off their moves on Tik Tok—the trendy front tie and subtle bell bottoms are ideal for discerning dressers of any age.

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Preschool Toys to Make Their Day

The littlest kiddos in the home are the easiest to please. Many younger kids will be just as happy to play with product packaging as with the children’s toys themselves. Still, parents, grandparents and special friends want to support creative play and make special memories when selecting gifts. And any of these curated preschool toy selections would do just that. 

First up on the list? Grab this 24-piece sushi set from Melissa and Doug, designed for children ages three years and older. Perfect for the little one who loves serving up meals in the imaginary kitchen, this wooden play set is the perfect launching pad for hours of imaginative play. 

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Got a budding animal lover in the home? This inflatable unicorn hopping horse toy is the gift of his or her dreams. Made for active play that improves balance and body strength, the ride-along toy is also meant for outdoor play, so the fun can follow little ones wherever they wish to go. 

Finally, children who are just discovering the prehistoric world will go crazy for this set of dinosaur action figures, complete with an illustrated carrying case. Best of all, the manufacturers include age-appropriate dinosaur facts with each of the 12 species in the set, so children can learn as they engage in creative discovery. 

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Children’s Toys for Bigger Kids

As they get older, kids get more particular about their Christmas requests. So children’s gifts for the elementary school set really need to impress. 

Of course, electronics are always appreciated among this age group. But many parents prefer to give gifts that steer kids away from screen time. Want a purchase that makes everyone happy? Try this set of three kids’ walkie-talkies, offering 22 different channels for two-way radio conversations, with a range of up to three miles for effective communication. Kids will love all the buttons and tech time, while parents will watch with pleasure as the gift recipients leave the house for hours of movement and outdoor play. 

Looking for children’s gifts to get them through a long winter indoors? This rock painting kit is the perfect gift for creative tweens. And it offers all-inclusive fun since the kit is stocked with 10 smooth river rocks, 6 different paint colors, plus additional metallic paints, glitter glues, transfer stickers, paintbrushes and—best of all—detailed instructions to promote independent playtime.

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Foster Outdoor Play at Any Age

If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that kids thrive when sent outdoors to frolic in the fresh air. Still, after more than two years of frequent outdoor playdates, the kids may need a bit of support to keep the fun going. 

This three-in-one Zoo ride-on toy is a great place to start. With its playful unicorn design, and options to use a scooter, toy wagon, or ride on complete with booster seat, the outdoor play options are virtually endless with this purchase. 

Older children will fall in love with this Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter, complete with rear brakes, an adjustable handlebar and LED-lights for fun that doesn’t stop after the sun goes down. Its lightweight design makes for easy portability. And its sturdy, two-wheel design means it’s safe enough for younger children, but able to grow along with the gift recipient. 

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Finally, for kids who don’t need toys to enjoy their outdoor play, a cool pair of athletic shoes like these adidas Originals Kids’ NMD 360 Sneakers is the perfect children’s gift. Sleek and fashion-forward enough for style-conscious kiddoes, they’re also designed to support active play. So the kids who slip them on will look and feel their best while engaging in hours of outdoor play.

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What children’s gifts are you hoping to purchase this holiday season? Are children’s toys or children’s clothing on your shopping list? Comment below!

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