20 DIY Home Decor Tips and Products to Makeover Your Kitchen and Family Room

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After two years of spending so much more time at home, it could be time for a little refresh, using these DIY simple decorating ideas. Luckily, it’s easy to overhaul a space without starting construction or making major purchases. Instead, by incorporating some eye-catching accent pieces and a few new home storage ideas, any room in the house—especially high traffic areas like the kitchen and family room – can enjoy a much-needed breath of fresh air. Ready to fall back in love with tired home spaces? Check out these top DIY home decor tips.

DIY Simple Decorating Ideas: Start Tall

One of the best and easiest ways to refresh a family room is by adding new paintings, pictures or even photographs. Already have a family photo gallery? Try updating some of the kids’ pictures with more recent shots. Aiming for décor that’s a little less personal? Any of these wall art simple ideas will help bring new personality to a tired design scheme.

First up on the list? Try this modern set of two 18X24 framed canvas art prints by Kate and Laurel. They’d make a great family room addition for several reasons, but most importantly because symmetry is an important element of any home design scheme, and, with paired wall hangings, there’s no need to try and match up disjointed art work.

Trying to create the illusion of roominess in a smaller living space? Skip the wall art and opt for this Woven Paths 20” round wall mirror instead. Choose the right spot in the room, and this hanging mirror can give the impression that the space is larger, airier and even has higher ceilings!

DIY Home Decor Tips | DIY Simple Decorating Ideas | Home Storage | Bubbly Moments

Now Cut the Clutter

Next on the list of DIY home decor tips is to banish clutter with some new home storage ideas. When trying to refresh a room, a fun way to tackle built up junk can be by adding new pieces, such as bookshelves or storage cubes, that serve double duty. There are so many options out there, but here are some of the best storage furniture ideas currently available.

Right by the front door is a prime place for mess and clutter. But banishing the disaster has never been easier—or prettier than with this Better Homes and Gardens bamboo shoe rack. The ideal solution to kicked off shoes and scattered hats and bags, it also adds a fresh and natural design element to greet guests entering the home.

Having trouble finding the couch beneath the cozy blankets that seem to keep building up? Instead of taking time to artfully fold each one, keep this Chloe and Cotton large woven basket in the corner of the room. The airy, neutral color palette brightens up any space. And, because it’s easy to move around, the pretty basket can offer additional storage solutions in any space where it becomes necessary.

Of course, there’s no room like the kitchen that could benefit from more storage solutions. Yet, in this space, adding storage furniture could interfere with flow. So, what’s the solution? Counter-top organizational pieces, like this Yamakazi home knife and cutting board stand, that maximize function and esthetics—and would work particularly well with a classic white kitchen design.

DIY Home Decor | DIY Simple Decorating Ideas | Home Storage | Bubbly Moments

DIY Simple Decorating Ideas: Creative in the Kitchen

Like that cutting board stand, anything that comes into the kitchen must be functional and visually appealing. And each of these kitchen finds are easily able to meet both criteria.

One simple way to get organized and refresh a kitchen design is by adding decorative storage canisters to open shelving or counter areas. This Yamakazi salt storage container is a great option: the white-and-wood construction mix brightens up even a poorly-lit kitchen, while making it easier to find much-used spices.

On that note, buying a pretty spice organizer like this Home Edit modular turntable is a great way to get the kitchen organized—and to turn a great spice collection into a design focal point. Designed for in-cabinet or on-counter use, the clear plastic spice container stores multiple canisters with ease. And, because it’s stackable, there’s always the option to buy several and create a full-scale spice tower!

Of course, while storage solutions can be attractive, adding practical decorative touches to the kitchen is easiest with dishware. Go traditional with this four-piece set of white ceramic mixing bowls from gallery. Or play up a modern design aesthetic by keeping this Better Homes and Garden angled Acacia wood serving bowl on full display, either using counter space or peeking through glass-front cabinetry.

DIY Home Decor Tips | DIY Simple Decorating Ideas | Home Storage | Bubbly Moments

Final Touches: Bring in Warmth and Texture

With art and storage under control, it’s time to bring depth to these DIY simple decorating ideas. And the best way to do so is by adding textural elements to each room, along with fresh, warm lighting solutions.

Truly, lighting makes or breaks the design concept for any living space. And, while overhead lighting can provide much-needed visibility, floor and table lighting adds softness, and creates intimate spaces for quiet reading or intense conversation. Got a smaller space? Or need a pretty accent piece for a side table? Try this elegant Better Homes and Garden table lamp, constructed from real marble and with a lovely brushed brass finish.

Need something with a bit more presence, ideal for grounding a larger-space design concept? Try the floor standing version of the previous lamp—measuring 61 inches tall, it brings plenty of presence to a traditional or transitional space. Or, for a mid-century modern vibe, grab this Safavieh Bradley modern glam lamp. Also measuring in at 61 inches tall, it still serves as a lovely focal point for the family or living room, but with a more minimalist sensibility that better suits modern decorating schemes.

Finally, with lighting covered, it’s time to build texture into the room. There are several ways to work new materials into a space. It could be as simple as stacking fringed throw blankets in the room’s storage basket.  Perhaps it means contrasting a cozy, yarn-woven pouf against a velvet or linen couch. It could even mean artfully placing woven nesting baskets around the room. Whatever the choice, the key is to bring a range of materials, finishes and lighting moods into the room. That way, the design concept will offer comfort, practicality and the kind of layered dimension that turns DIY home decor tips into a look that screams professional designer.

DIY Home Decor | DIY Simple Decorating Ideas | Home Storage | Bubbly Moments

Which of these DIY simple decorating ideas are you ready to try? Share plans and pictures in the comments below!

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